A Blade Unsharpened

I’m a big fan of monk-style character classes. I’ve kicked demons in Diablo III, clobbered hydras in Final Fantasy XIV, and unleashed swarms of punches while swigging brews in World of Warcraft. But it wasn’t until Blade & Soul that I encountered the essence of kung fu–at least as far as a keyboard can capture. At its best, Blade & Soul delivers that rare brand of combat that makes me consider learning these moves for real. And that’s why I’m so sad that the rest of the game never reaches the same heights.

Blade & Soul’s problems partly spring from its timing. It’s only “new” in the West; East Asian players have enjoyed it since it came out in South Korea way back in 2012, when it and other Korean MMORPGs like TERA started to grab headlines for action combat. Blade & Soul is a time capsule of sorts that contains few of the quality-of-life changes introduced to the genre over the past few years, and the usual bugbears strut across the stage here: the wide tunnels for leveling that hint at an open world but don’t really deliver it, the torrent of mindless kill-and-fetch quests, and the hyper-sexualized depictions of women and young girls that leave many Westerners either shuddering with shame or giggling at the proportions.


Still, it does achieve a certain grandeur in parts, whether it’s in the intricate weapons or the fantastic landscapes stuffed with cloud-swept pagodas and blossoming woods. Considering its age, it’s no surprise some of these landscapes suffer from poor textures and muddy details, but Blade & Soul generally presents them with a degree of style.

The story starts off on a respectable (if predictable) note, when the Hongmoon School gets wiped out, leading to a 45-level-long quest for revenge. The opening quests and cutscenes benefit from a welcome dose of cinematic suspense and camaraderie, but the tale quickly loses momentum in the drudgy march from one hub for kill-and-fetch quests to the next. By Level 15, I’d largely stopped caring about what the people I encountered had to say at all. I just wanted to punch stuff.

And boy, does Blade & Soul oblige. Few MMOs pull off combat better, and each of the seven classes can unleash combos that require watching what players and NPCs are doing in an effort to counter them. It’s far more Street Fighter than World of Warcraft, even to an extent unmatched by TERA. Whether I was slamming diminutive Lyn warriors in the face with my oversized axe or rooting Kung Fu Masters as a spell-slinging Force Master, it was always enjoyable.


All this comes together to complement a uniquely rewarding PvP experience, which reaches its zenith in the arena mode once players have unlocked their full range of skills at the level cap. Blade & Soul allows lower-level players to try to rough up level-capped folks in the arenas through normalization–a setting that evens out competitors’ stats–but that’s rarely wise since the absence of complete skills and their boosts from talent trees presents a monstrous disadvantage. Yet it’s not impossible. Skill reigns supreme in Blade & Soul (as does a decent ping), and a smart newbie can still technically take down a veteran. A single arena match provides enough evidence of why Blade & Soul enjoys such a healthy esports life in Asia.

Many NPC enemies use skills that players will use in the arenas, which should make for decent PVP training. The problem? They fight at a snail’s pace, and it’s possible to simply clobber your way through most encounters if you don’t mind chugging a healing potion every once in a while.

As it is, both the single-player and group dungeons amount to little more than short jaunts to forgettable thugs. Even the crafting lacks imagination, as it requires little more than placing an order and waiting for a bit. It also tends to lack the lively conversations (and bickering) of a good MMO’s chat channel, though it’s not through any fault of the players.

As of the time of writing, it’s almost impossible to carry on a conversation in many of the game-wide chat channels as they’re crammed with gold spammers hawking their illicit wares. It was initially possible to get past the worst of it by leveling a bit, but now the spammer hordes choke up the lines even several hours in. Presuming you can get in. Several days in, the login queues remain obscene, sometimes even with the premium plan that sorts you into a shorter line.

Yet one of the saving graces of Blade & Soul is that you don’t have to pay a cent if you don’t want to. Most of the time, there’s no need. The cash shop mainly deals in cosmetic outfits that run the gamut from racy to grim, and many of these aren’t even as impressive as the ones you can get with minimal effort from playing. Everything else mainly aims to make life a little simpler, such as experience-granting food or inventory expansions. As with the best cash shop models, making a purchase sometimes feels like making a donation.

For all its drawbacks, I nevertheless enjoyed Blade & Soul. But when you’re not at the level cap, it’s a fleeting enjoyment best suited to short bursts. It tries to leverage combat to shoulder the weight of its other, more cumbersome parts, and in the process, even the combat stumbles after long hours of repetition. Despite the strong foundation, I was struggling to stay interested in Blade & Soul at the end of my journey. It does wonders with the blade, yes. But where’s the soul?

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Although RuneScape’s roots are old, the game has had several incarnations, with each new version replacing the old. RuneScape HD, for example, a major overhaul, was released in 2008. While the basic game is free to download and play, it is limited, and a subscription will net a player more frequent (and exclusive) content updates, a player home, the ability to play full screen (free users are limited to a windowed client), and more advantages. An item shop is also available for cosmetic items.


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I’m really afraid of the wipe of Albion Online

I’m not sure if im posting this in the right category or not, but someone of legitimacy has got to inform me on why we were not wiped in Cador? Cador was a huge update and from my understanding (which may very well be wrong way to get Albion Online Silver) all i have heard that they are still going to add are the changes to the new map, and the crime and reputation system. These two changes they have not yet added definitley do not sound like they will need a wipe to go along with them, but the Cador patch changes in my opinion do. I can think of three reasons why we currently deserve a wipe.

Destiny board armor changes waste peoples’ money they spent on premium and stop players from continuing beta testing
Progression testing with fame bonus changes
Testing the market with silver bonus changes

With the recent changes to the destiny board a lot of players like myself who have began the game recently and grinded fame and used learning points have had their money wasted after the armor rework because the gear they used their LP on is no longer what they need to be viable. Even worse than having their money wasted they have no LP to get the new gear they need for their class to continue helping with beta testing so some players are now packing up and leaving. Why not wipe with Cador? These changes need a wipe compared to map changes and crime/reputation changes that in my opinion 100% do not need a wipe.

I'm really afraid of the wipe of Albion Online

Another reason to wipe is for legitimate testing of this new fame bonus. I think having a wipe would be a good thing for truly testing the bonus to fame. Without the wipe all you see is guilds power leveling eachother in high level dungeons to get their new gear asap on alts that they have bought premium on. Power leveling alts is not a true representation of how the fame bonuses will affect progression in the game.

Lastly, another reason we should have a wipe with Cador is the silver bonus and market inflation. With Cardor we have seen a change in mount farming, silver drops, and rune/gem drops. These changes have extremely inflated the market to Buy Albion Online Gold, and i do not believe give a true representation of how the market would look had there been a wipe. Right now there are certain things still at old prices and certain things at new inflated prices. If there were to be a wipe everything would be at this inflated silver pricing and we would see a true representation of what the market would look like.

I think its a fair statement to add that even though the developement team has said they will give us a 1 month heads up before wiping. The majority of players in this game will not be upset if they were to only give us a week. Any comments or information on this topic would be greatly appreciated. I love albion and will probably continue to play it no matter what, but i hate seeing players leave this wonderful game because theyre waiting for a wipe to happen.

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The Vengeance Break Update of Blade And Soul

The Vengeance Break Update of Blade And Soul

The 2.2 Vengeance Break update of Blade & Soul, slated for June 1, will be introducing adorable pets to the world of the game. Usable by players having reached level 50, and available as rare drops from heroic dungeons, they will accompany you as you venture through the world.

While they do not assist players in fights personally, these pets wont be merely cosmetics. Depending on their quality (Superior or Heroic), these pets can be enhanced to up to 10 stages, each of these stages providing players with a HP bonus, and later on with a Defense bonus, as shown in the table below.

The Vengeance Break Update of Blade And Soul

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Blade & Soul: 9th Class Soul Fighter Arriving in English Servers on June 22

Blade&Soul: 9th Class Soul Fighter Arriving in English Servers on June 22

Blade & Soul Producer Nico Coutant offers a look at the current game and upcoming content. First of all, the 9th class Soul Fighter will be arriving in the North America and Europe servers on June 22.

Blade&Soul: 9th Class Soul Fighter Arriving in English Servers on June 22

As a hybrid of the Kung Fu Master and Force Master, the Soul Fighter can deal explosive damage from a melee and ranged distance, as well as heal allies from across an arena. The Soul Fighter is only available for the Gon and Kun races.

Blade&Soul: 9th Class Soul Fighter Arriving in English Servers on June 22

In addition, NCSoft also revealed more upcoming content in one picture, allowing players to better plan the character progression in the future update.

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Blade and Soul: Best Blade Master NA

Its funny cause the first ever pvp i did in this game i won all my matches as a FM 😛 when i first got that quest to do 5 pvp matches 😛 all i did was Pew Pew 😀 freeze and burn them down, i was like hm i should really dodge these moves but fuck it i dunno where my buttons are

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Blades & Soul Details the Upcoming Vengeance Breaks Update


NCSoft has just revealed the details about Blade & Soul’s upcoming content update titled Vengeance Breaks. Scheduled to go live on June 1, the new update introduces never-before-seen environments, challenges, and even the ability to adopt pets to accompany you on your journey.


First of all, the update continues the storyline by the second part of the 4th Act of the Silverfrost Mountains story. Players will need to make the choice to stop the Divine Mandate Ritual or succumb to the darkness inside and seek revenge against Master’s killer. Secondly there are three new Heroic Dungeons you can experience in the new patch: two 4-6 member dungeons and a 24-member open world Zaiwei Ruins. In addition, the Tower of Infinity will be added to the game. Defeat a random, AI-controlled challenger on each floor, and see how high you can climb before the timer runs out, or you’re defeated.

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Blade and Soul: Trove Event For Science

The gems, when they drop, are never in the 1st 2 slots (never seen them there and watched multiple bragging screenshots on reddit). So if your slots are not maxed out even if you get the lucky 1% roll you won’t get the gem. And maxing out the slots also helps cause you get 1 free roll every day.

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Blade And Soul: Night Luna Wheel of Fate

I have to admit this Night Luna outfit is slick. And she isn’t as naked as my last outfit. In other news I have to give NC soft credit. The Hongmoon store is very docile and not intrusive. That is refreshing considering the bad number of shops in the industry.

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Blade And Soul Gold Farming Guide

Currently, Blade and Soul is the most popular game in MMORPG, and it attracts lots of players to pay attention to this game, and the most attractive subject is how to farm gold as soon as quickly. One of the most significant thing about Blade and Soul is that gold income when you want to level up weapons. With sufficient BNS Gold, you can buy valuable materials and items, and save much more time in pleasure. Well, to have a good way to farm gold is a significant goal for many beginner players, because they need Blade and Soul Gold to upgrade items and soul shield. There are several methods I want to share with you to farm gold as soon as possible.

1. Farming BNS Gold through Professions
There are lots of crafting professions that you can choose in Blade and Soul, but none of them are enough to give you all the time you need. Because the materials created by crafting guilds are valuable to players in different stages. In the early game, players need pottery materials for their big Windstride quest. Later on, the refiners and bowls are important for people crafting evolution stones. The best end-game profession is the evolution stone guild. These are highly in demand for top-level players that have done through blade and soul leveling, and the Blade & Soul Shield crafts are also very popular because players use them for fusing. The best combination is the pottery guild and the evolution stone guild.

That lets you craft your own materials and ensures that both guilds will have very high-demand items for you to sell at all phases of the game. As for gathering guilds, they both use the tree guild, while the pottery guild needs crops and the evolution stone guild needs meat. So there is some synergy in terms of the materials they use. Not only will these items fetch some money on the marketplace, but you can also use them yourself. This is very important, because it is not a good idea to pick a profession based only on how much money it brings in. They are just not profitable enough to devote that much time and effort unless there are additional rewards. In this case, you will be able to make your own evolution stones and soul shields for fusing.

2. Farming BNS Gold through Dungeon
Much of your income will come from running dungeons. It is unlikely that you will need to spend much time running dungeons for gold before you reach level 45. It is not very difficult to reach 45 with the right progression. Depending on your class and your knowledge about the game, you can get to 45 in a few days, and you do not need a huge amount of blade and soul gold to do so. Simply work your way up and upgrade your gear along the way as you need to– there is no need to try to max out your weapon or accessories, because you are likely to get new ones later. Once you start to plateau at the higher levels, then you will need to devote time to farming for gold. The main source for gold is the daily quests.

As we all know that much of income in MMORPG come from running dungeons. Well, you need to spend much time running dungeons for gold before you reach level 45. There are six major high-level dungeons that you can repeat every day for gold and materials, which you can sell. You need materials for Crafting Evolution stones so you still need to do some effort, either farm dungeons for what you need and mine.

If you have a class that has good AoE skills and damage, then this process can go more quickly. You pull the mobs in the dungeon into a big group and then take them all out at once. If you are a class that has weaker defenses and is worse at AoE like the Assassin, then you will need to pull fewer monsters at the same time. This process will provide you with experience as well as gold, so you can move towards the level cap. It is generally better to try to solo dungeons instead of doing them as a group, but this is not always possible.

3. Farming BNS Gold through Auction House
The auction house plays an important role in this process for all classes in Blade and Soul. You will use it to sell the crafts and found materials you acquire in dungeons. Blade and Soul has a very rapid early game up to 45 and then a long, slow grind afterward. So as you start off, you will not need the auction house very much, aside from buying some important materials if you cannot find them yourself. But as you get further in, you will need to use the auction house to buy more and more materials and sell things of your own.

Blade And Soul Gold Farming Guide

Before lvl 45, we don’t recommend this method to earn BNS Gold. To be a great buyer we need pay more attention on Auction House price to make prediction when a given kind of item will fetch a high price.

The auction house is cross-server, so you will be able to buy from and sell to people across your region. Demand for various items will change over time, and it is sometimes difficult to predict when a given kind of item will fetch a high price. Remember to pay attention to new patches and other changes, because they can have a big effect on the items people want.

Gold grows in importance in the endgame because there are so many materials and items you need to acquire. This progression stops from leveling up and starts from evolving your weapon and accessories. You need a lot of gold to fuel that growth.

4. Choose Reliable and Cheap Store to Buy BNS Gold
Gold grows in important in the game because we need so much Blade & Soul Gold and many materials. If you don’t want to waste time to grind gold in-game, Mmogah would be your great choice to get gold easily and fast, and it is a professional blade and soul gold seller and blade and soul power leveling seller who has operated this business for more than 10 years.

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