Blade and Soul Game Control

Keystoke Operation

Generally speaking, all combat in game is relying on left hand keystoke while mouse sliding is used for field of view and character direction revision.

Left hand of Players will be very busy while in gaming combat.


Blade and Soul Game Control

W, A, S, D: movement

Blade and Soul Game Control

Double click W: to sprint (sprinting in water means water walk)

Spacebar while running: to leap in Qing Gong mode

Spacebar while in the air: to glide in Qing Gong mode

Num: automatic running/switch

F: NPC interactive key

Useful F key

Blade and Soul Game Control

In normal times, F is with much function, such as collecting, looting, interaction with the background, talking with NPC, and so on.
Players can cast skill by “F” while in combat.

Keystoke for every skill is fixed.

R: main attack key (continuous skills will be automatically linked to the key, and press R you will be able to cast skills continuously.)

TAB: skill key (usually for MP cost skills and special skills with no area limit)

F: key of general utility. It can be used for casting skills.

1, 2, 3, 4: skills (usually for MP cost skills)

Z, X, C, V: skills (usually for MP cost skills)

Q, E skill (they won’t appear in the picture. Some class would be able to learn the skill, for example, boxer can move to the side of the opponent by the skill.)

F1、F2、F3、F4: Skills (currently there’s no corresponding skill, but it may appear in the future.)

5, 6, 7, 8: Items (food, lotion)

Mouse slide
Right mouse: characters to go forward

Mouse wheel: zoom in/out

Drag left mouse: view rotation

Drag right mouse: character rotation


Blade and Soul Game Control

Y, U, I, O, P, J, K, N, M: enable shortcuts of all interface.

Arrow keys: forward, backward, left, right

home、end、pageup、pagedown: view revision

PrintScreen (PrtScn): screenshot

CTRL + Z: interface hide

ENTER: chat

T: whisper

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