A bug in Blade and soul :Skill book does not show how many skill points you have in each skill

I was going to post about this, thank for the topic. This point is very important when you are setting up for a high level dungeon you can see what point you have in what tree or skill, how in the bleep did NCSoft NA break this. There is some green tab were the skill points should be.
Have these guys even played this game before screwing it up?

Other things lol.

Will Blade and Soul NA be a success?
I currently play on a TW server were I received 5 charter slots at the start, ping and FTP is petty good.

To begin with lets look at what NCSoft NA received. The latest code(game) from KR, which has been released for years. It should be noted there are some inherent bugs in the latest release so we overlook those. Let us describe this as “Vanilla” release.
Also, keep in mind NCSoft NA is not adding any new content to the game at all.

So NCSoft NA receives the Vanilla release. What needs to be done to make it NA ready?
1. Text to English, text,map,story, etc.
2. Voice over, cut scenes .this is a big one.
3. Renaming items,towns, supplies,etc.
4. Marketplace

Lets review the items.
1.Text to English, text,map,story, etc.
-translation errors, grammar errors, misspelling, some areas not translated.
2. Voice over, cut scenes, this is a big one.
-You have a elderly NPC that has deflection in the voice in the Vanilla release. The NA version is of a English voice that has no deflection and does not match the NPC portrayal. They have done a lousy job of voice over, cut scenes. The voice-over causes a lost of the game intent.
3. Renaming items,towns, supplies,etc.
-mismatch items that are called on thing and the same item called another name.
4. Marketplace
-This should not be on the list but NCSoft NA decided to screw up the AH.

In closing why is the NCSoft NA having problems the Vanilla release does not have. In my opinion NCSoft NA doesn’t know what they are doing.
No clear plan on what to change and screwing with area’s they should touch, Marketplace for example.
The game lagging, decision to put all server in Texas, so much more, will cause the game to fail in NA/EU release.
Only two character slots to start. You have to have the pack or buy more Blade And Soul Gold

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