I find other blade and soul summoners the most annoying

As a summoner I’ve found that most classes are pretty easy to deal with unless they’re much better than me(which isn’t hard because I’m bad.)
I find other summoners the most annoying, I hate having to deal with the cat that isn’t mine, and the targeting system in the Buy Blade And Soul Gold game is so bad and inaccurate even on the highest setting.

After other summoners, destroyers are pretty difficult to deal with when I’m feeling too lazy to kite well. They kill my kitty really quickly and I can’t escape their grab, or use my stealth counter against their spin to win.

Pretty similar to whats on above and heres mine.

I played all class got most to high levels and have played PVP for over 600 or so rounds heres my thoughts:

Summoner counters KFM, Sins and noobs

BM counters Summoners if played well. aside from that its a all rounder class

KFM counters Des (If you can make Des waste all his abilities you can evade all his attacks, his shields up free aircombo for you, when Des gets stunned and you combo he will have 20% hp left).

Des counters summoners, Sin (early levels and noob sins only)

Sin counters Des , BM, KFM, FM. (for Des has to played very well and delaying the round and not make one mistake, one mistake = dead). As for the patch we have now Sins have 50% chance to evade attack while in stealth thats why it can destroys all other classes beside Sums right now, when that gets changed it will be more balanced

BD counters KFM, BM, Summoners and Blade Soul gold FM.

FM counters Des (spamming stun and avoiding Des abilities), Summoners and has some advantage vs KFM

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