Bladedancer PVP Skill Guide – A Waltz of Death

The Lyn have also taken up the sword, but rather than wholly adopt the techniques of the Blade Master, they have invented their own unique blend of skills exclusive to their kind. The Blade Dancer merges rapid attack speed, high mobility, and devastating control abilities at the expense of defense.

This is a simple skill guide that will help you better understand the Bladedancer skills and hopefully help you improve yourself in the long run.

The cute and fluffy race of Lyn are the only ones who have two unique classes, one being the Summoner and the other one the Bladedancer. Bladedancers use their swiftness and mobility to attack their opponents with deadly grace and precision. Bladedancers are capable of delivering powerful melee blows, summon swords for defense purposes and ranged attacks, and immobilize opponents by force choking ala Darth Vader.

Bladedancer PVP Skill Guide

Before I start, I would like to mention that there is no perfect build, regardless of classes. The only perfect build is your own build, the one that suits you the most, nobody’s build is perfect, because even with a “perfect” build, you’ll still get defeated by someone who is more knowledgeable than you in terms of their own class. That’s why you need to keep practicing, learn from your mistakes and eventually find the build that suits you the most.

Skill Guide


An extremely good source of Qi and unblockable attack. The other tree is more offensive, offering much better bonuses (slows, reduced healing and dash disables), but the attack can be blocked. I prefer the first, because of the Qi regeneration and because it fits my playstyle better, but if you are an aggressive player, sure…go for it!!!


This skill is similar to BladeMaster’s Ambush skill, it stuns the opponent and gives you a huge buff in movement speed, double the amount of the Blademaster’s. You will find more mobility really helpful, especially in 1v1.

5 6

This skill will pull you, no matter if you’re blocking or countering, only resistance skills and evasive skills can counter it (E/Q/SS etc).

The skill basically grabs you and for that time period you are helpless to do anything, unless a teammate saves you. The above skill Drain, can be used on a grabbed enemy to absorb your opponents Qi, damage him and also heal yourself for a small amount. Really good combo to cripple your enemy. Also if you choose the Tier2Form3 path for Phantom Grip, then each ally who attack the grabbed target will restore some Qi which is pretty useful in team PVP.


One of the most used skills that you will need it to perform many of your combos(look below). It does decent damage, when upgraded even higher when enemy is knockdown, or grappled and if you follow that tree which I recommend it has 100% critical chance to knockdown or grappled enemies which is pretty sweet.


This skill uses lighting stacks which you can gather with various ways, more commonly using the next two skills below. This skill path is decision between AOE damage or single target damage and since this is a pvp guide and I prefer 1v1 duels, I chose the latter.

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