Blades & Soul Details the Upcoming Vengeance Breaks Update


NCSoft has just revealed the details about Blade & Soul’s upcoming content update titled Vengeance Breaks. Scheduled to go live on June 1, the new update introduces never-before-seen environments, challenges, and even the ability to adopt pets to accompany you on your journey.


First of all, the update continues the storyline by the second part of the 4th Act of the Silverfrost Mountains story. Players will need to make the choice to stop the Divine Mandate Ritual or succumb to the darkness inside and seek revenge against Master’s killer. Secondly there are three new Heroic Dungeons you can experience in the new patch: two 4-6 member dungeons and a 24-member open world Zaiwei Ruins. In addition, the Tower of Infinity will be added to the game. Defeat a random, AI-controlled challenger on each floor, and see how high you can climb before the timer runs out, or you’re defeated.

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