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Blades & Soul Details the Upcoming Vengeance Breaks Update

NCSoft has just revealed the details about Blade & Soul’s upcoming content update titled Vengeance Breaks. Scheduled to go live on June 1, the new update introduces never-before-seen environments, challenges, and even the ability to adopt pets to accompany you … Continue reading

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2015 Is a Lusterless Year for New MMOPRGs in Korea, Only 5 Survived,including blade and soul

2015 seems to be a dim and dark year for the the Korean PC MMORPG industry. for example: blade and soul. Korean game media thought it’s even harder for PC MMORPGs to succeed than reaching for the stars. According to … Continue reading

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A bug in Blade and soul :Skill book does not show how many skill points you have in each skill

I was going to post about this, thank for the topic. This point is very important when you are setting up for a high level dungeon you can see what point you have in what tree or skill, how in … Continue reading

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I find other blade and soul summoners the most annoying

As a summoner I’ve found that most classes are pretty easy to deal with unless they’re much better than me(which isn’t hard because I’m bad.) I find other summoners the most annoying, I hate having to deal with the cat … Continue reading

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